Luxurious and Affordable Charter Flights

When choosing affordable charter flights, other than cost, what are the key attributes that one should consider to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and successful experience when dealing with a private charter airline?  Quality assurance is always key, and choosing the right private airline to do business with will always reap untold benefits from excellent and personalized customer service, to actually having a reliable service operator that won’t cancel an important journey at the last minute.  Taking all these factors into consideration, the only private charter airline that one can recommend is FLYCATS.


Why charter a private airline?

Simply put, the most logical reason to charter a private airline is to fly directly to where your business or leisure destination may be.  When you charter a flight you are not held to the same restrictions as say a commercial carrier may have, such as layovers or delayed and cancelled flights. When you fly with professional private carriers such as FLYCATS, you are guaranteed to make your destination on time and for whenever you booked your flight.   The only factors that should ever delay a charter flight are weather or perhaps a technical issue.  FLYCATS are unique in the fact that they own their entire fleet as some private charter flight carriers are subject to third party ownership or leased aeroplanes.  Personalized customer service is second to none and can cater to all types of customer, particularly business orientated customers with clean personal workspaces available on board with comfortable seating arrangements to either relax or work in.


Types of Private Aeroplane Available

When looking at FLYCATS as an affordable private chartered flight provider, there are three different types of aeroplane available to the customer depending on their business or personal needs.   An important factor in choosing the private aircraft for your needs is also the destination as some aircraft will have shorter flight capabilities than others.


Gulfstream G150

A marvellous aircraft and described as one of the most versatile, reliable and efficient jets on the market today, the Gulfstream G150 can cater to eight passengers and provides ample space for either personal or business-based journeys.   There is simply no better way to travel with the annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) dispatch-reliability rating ranked at 99.8% and a range of 3000 nautical miles (5,556km). 


Beechcraft Premier 1A Light Jet

With a range of just over 1,000 nautical miles (over 2,500km), this impressive and reliable craft can carry four passengers and is ideally suited to business professionals and their daily needs.  Comfortable interiors provide space to either relax or work.


King Air C90GXT

A sleek and comfortable aircraft, the C90GXT has a range of 982 nautical miles (1,819kms) and can accommodate up to six passengers with excellent room to either work or relax on board.  A great aircraft to charter for close range city business or leisure trips.


Safety Standards

When chartering an affordable flight, it is also good to know the safety standards that are strictly adhered to, to get you to your destination.  All pilots will have been trained to the exceptional standards set by the Flight Safety International (SI) while all aircraft will have been rigorously checked and equipped with the most up-to-date safety specifications to constantly ensure a safe and pleasant journey on your private charter flight.